New Oklahoma Criminal Laws In 2017 – Summary

These are the significant Oklahoma criminal laws that went into effect in 2017:

  1. SQ 780 Makes Simple Possession Of All Drugs A Misdemeanor
  2. Illegal To Practice Massage Therapy Without A License
  3. Seduction & Slander Now Legal
  4. Presentence Investigation Changes
  5. Left Lane Only For Passing
  6. Minors Prohibited From Using Tanning Facilities
  7. Military 21 & Older Can Carry Handgun Without Permit
  8. Change To Statute Of Limitations For Child Sexual Abuse Victims
  9. Oklahoma Legislature Jacks Up More Fees On Defendants
  10. Domestic Abuse Victims Can Transfer Wireless Phone Numbers & Utilities
  11. All Rape By Instrumentation Is Now First Degree Rape
  12. Statute Of Limitations Change For Sexual Crimes Against Children
  13. Must Instruct Jury On Definition Of Consent In Sex Crime Cases
  14. Sex Offender Registration Requirements Change
  15. Charging State Subcontractors With Sex Crimes
  16. Harsher Punishment For Cop Killers
  17. Risk And Needs Assessment For Prisoners
  18. Marijuana Definition Changed
  19. New Drugs Added To Schedules
  20. Self-Defense Exception Added To Pointing A Weapon
  21. Handguns In Courthouses
  22. New Prohibited Areas For Carrying Handguns
  23. Military Gets Handgun License
  24. Motorcycle Concealed Carry
  25. Handgun Added To Definitions In Self-Defense and Firearms Acts
  26. Immunity For Business Owners For Weapons While In The Scope Of Employment
  27. Domestic Violence Court Program
  28. New Trespass & Damage To Critical Infrastructure Law
  29. Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Know Human Trafficking Victim’s Age
  30. Misdemeanors Removed From DNA Fee
  31. Notification Of Crime Victims
  32. Victims Impact Panel Changes
  33. Destruction Of Obscene Material & Child Pornography
  34. Laws Outlawing Activities By Telephone Company & Message Carriers Repealed

This is likely the most comprehensive list of 2017 Oklahoma criminal laws around. I personally researched and wrote each post. I owe it to my clients to be knowledgeable on the changes in law. Writing this annual list is an opportunity to educate myself and the public. I welcome any feedback you have on this list or future updates to Oklahoma criminal laws.

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