What Can I Expect When I Call Your Office?

When you call our office, you’ll talk to our receptionist first. That receptionist will get some information from you that will help the attorney better prepare for the consultation. They will ask for your name, your birth date, which county or city your case is in, and what you have been charged with. If you’ve been charged with or arrested for a crime that I wrote a book on, then the receptionist will ask for your email address so that we can send you a free electronic copy of it. Finally, the receptionist is going to ask for a brief description of your case.

Shortly after your discussion with the receptionist, you will receive a call from an attorney or legal assistant. If an assistant calls you, they will ask you for some more information about your case in order to help us determine whether or not it is a type of case that we handle. If an attorney calls you back, then that is when the free case consultation happens. It will last about 30 minutes. If no one can call you back within a few minutes, you may receive a text to let you know that we did receive your call and that someone will be calling you shortly. During the consultation, we will go over your case in detail, strategize, go over our approach to cases, and discuss what we would do for you if you hire us.

Will I Need To See You Before Deciding To Hire You?

You may or may not meet with an attorney before hiring us. This is entirely your decision. Sometimes it’s almost impossible for the client to meet with an attorney before hiring them. This typically occurs when the client lives far away. Many people hire us who are charged with crimes but live outside of Oklahoma. In those situations, we still do the consultation over the phone. We send a contract to electronically sign via DocuSign. Payment can be made over the internet through a secure payment site.

If you live nearby, then it’s easier to come to the office before deciding to hire us. However, keep in mind that the 30-minute phone consultation is a free consultation. If you feel like you need an additional in-office consultation, then we would charge for that. The fee would be collected prior to starting the in-office consultation. If you decide to hire us, that in-office consultation fee will be applied to the fee for the case.

What Can I Expect In My First Meeting With An Attorney In Your Office?

During the first meeting, we will review the conversation that we had on the phone, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions. We’ll make sure that we are on the same page in terms of the type of representation you will need and the cost of that representation. We will collect either the in-office consultation fee, the down payment, or the discounted full payment. We will also get your personal and contact information for our electronic case management system. Once your information is entered into the system, the contract will be written and printed. You will sign the contract in the office. Finally, we will go over the expectations that we have for you and that you should have for us during the course of representation. At the end, we will discuss the next steps. If you have classes to take, then we will provide a list of places you can take those classes. We will provide a list of places to do community service if we recommend you start performing community service. If you are accused of a crime I have written a book on, then we will give you a printed copy of the book.

What Should I Bring With Me To My First Meeting With An Attorney?

You need to bring any documents associated with the arrest or charges. This includes the ticket, the charging document, and any warrant or report that you may have. If you are charged with a DUI, then also bring in the temporary driver’s license and notice of revocation. If you have any other evidence that you would like to show us, then please bring that as well. This could include screenshots, pictures, video, and other printed documents. If it is something that we can scan, then we will scan it and return it to you. If it is an electronic file, then we will copy it into the electronic case file. You must also bring at least the in-office consultation fee.

How Does Someone In Jail Hire You?

If someone in jail intends to hire us, then we must be first absolutely certain that the inmate is ok with our visiting him or her in jail. Before visiting an inmate, we will require a deposit that will cover at least the cost of the jail visit, in case the inmate decides not to hire us. You may also pay the discounted full payment or down payment prior to the jail visit. Ideally, we like to go over the contract, third-party payor form, and informed consent to third-party payment for legal services form prior to visiting the inmate. This is to make sure everyone is on the same page prior to the jail visit. When we visit the inmate, we’ll first verify that the inmate is ok with our visiting him or her. We will bring the documents and go over them with the inmate. If the inmate decides to hire us, then he or she will sign the contract and informed consent to third-party payment for legal services. Representation does not begin until at least the down payment has been paid, so the remainder of the down payment must be paid if only the fee for the jail visit was paid. The fee charged for the jail visit will apply to the fee for the case.