Client Testimonials

“Frank Urbanic is one of the best attorneys I have ever encountered. He is passionate and will do whatever it takes to help you. I hadn’t even hired him and he sent me his DUI help book and told me what options I have. He is more than worth it. You won’t be disappointed. He’s amazing.”

Summer N.

“Frank Urbanic was very helpful! The best experience I have had with a lawyer and understanding the process of taking care of a traffic ticket. Great advice, trustworthy and great to speak to.”

Mirella L.

“I reached out to Frank about a ticket I’d received in Oklahoma and he was very polite and took his own time on a Sunday to respond to my emails and give me helpful advice and hints. I would highly recommend him. Someone who goes out of their way to take their own time on their day off to respond a person that isn’t their client to help is definitely worth giving a try. Hopefully, I’ll never need his services, but if I do, I know where I’ll be going for a lawyer!”

Jen B.

“I highly recommend Frank Urbanic as an attorney. I know Frank normally handles criminal defense cases, but he helped us handle a dispute over with a landowner not honoring his contracts. Frank proved to be an outstanding attorney in reviewing our case, helping us thoroughly go through our options, and ultimately helping us win the court case. He was more than fair in his compensation for his services and would be definitely working with Frank in the future.”

Karl B.

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Frank and he is an outstanding lawyer and a fantastic person, this combination is not often found when dealing with legal issues. I will not hesitate to call Frank again if I need assistance or refer him to my friends and family!”

Rex N.

“Frank gave me great guidance without charge and was extremely responsive and helpful when I reached out to his office regarding an out of state speeding ticket.”

Mark S.

“Great help, honest and quick to respond.”

Wayne H.

“Very helpful and offered good advice.”

Omar Q.

“Frank is a great lawyer, he explained everything that needed to be done and he was never late to a single court hearing. All around nice guy and very good at his job.”


“I contacted Frank via his website late on a Friday evening. I had a 2pm court date on Monday for a traffic ticket. Frank personally walked me through the entire process by phone over the weekend including Sunday. He was extremely versed on the Laws and Statutes of the state in which I received the violation. I’m very pleased with his services and I highly recommend his firm. I travel a great deal in my line of work and will pass his information along to anyone I know that could benefit from his services. I have also suggested Frank Urbanic to my local attorney friend to recommend in the future.”

A Satisfied Client

“Frank was a pleasure to work with obtaining a state birth certificate for my child’s international adoption. Frank did exactly what he promised and did it expeditiously. I am very satisfied with Frank’s work; as I have a birth certificate for my child.”


“Frank Urbanic accommodated me to the fullest. He was able to get my fines reduced by 85%. Awesome guy with great services. Very happy!!”


Jackie B.