Why choose The Urbanic Law Firm


I bring value to my clients by offering them high-quality representation at a reasonable price. My fees are not at the high end of the spectrum, but they are also not at the low end. Don’t let high-priced attorneys make you think that everyone who charges lower than them is lower quality. I have had very good outcomes for clients that have paid me much less than many other attorneys would have charged them.

Part of the reason I can charge a lower fee is that I don’t have many costs baked into my fees as other attorneys may. The GI Bill paid for my law school, so I left law school with $0 in debt. Lowering my prices is the least I can do to thank this great country for all it has given to me.

Additionally, I operate a lean law office with very little overhead. Through my extensive business training at OU and elsewhere, I’ve learned proven business techniques to operate leaner and more efficiently. Less waste means more value to my clients. The technology I have in place helps manage my law office functions and produce high-quality products in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually.

I've been there

I have been arrested before. I know how unpleasant it is to be in jail. I know what it is like to be accused of a crime you did not commit. I will work tirelessly to get you out of jail and back with your family.

Liberty is important to me. People should not be imprisoned when they did nothing wrong, and the government should not get away with violating peoples’ liberty. My role is to keep the government within its constitutional bounds and hold it to its burden.


I have a record of success. As a student public defender in the Caprock Regional Public Defender Office in Lubbock, TX I secured multiple felony and misdemeanor dismissals. I was awarded for being the most zealous advocate for indigent defendants in the Caprock Regional Public Defender Office that year. I have applied the same principles, tactics, and resourcefulness to my practice in Oklahoma.

Since I’ve started practicing in Oklahoma, I’ve secured numerous felony and misdemeanor dismissals for my clients. I have also been successful in negotiating pleas that kept my clients out of jail or from getting an automatic conviction.


The firm uses the latest technology to represent our clients. Very little is on paper; the vast majority of our work is done digitally. While opposing counsel is literally pushing a cart full of boxes containing paper folders into the courtroom, I am carrying a tablet. It has all the discovery and client files I need to successfully handle your case. This allows me to access anything I need for any client everywhere in the world. The information is securely stored in the cloud, so it will never be lost. I don’t have to waste your time looking for missing folders or documents.

A Different Perspective

I went to law school in Texas, but the vast majority of attorneys in Oklahoma went to law school in Oklahoma. My experience learning from Texas attorneys gives me a different perspective on the practice of law. This can lead to creativity and out-of-the-box-thinking in handling your case.

My diverse work experiences in the legal field allow me to see your case from different angles. Many attorneys highlight their extensive work as a prosecutor or public defender. That is great, and that experience will certainly be an asset in your defense. However for many, that is their only experience in the legal field. Not only have I worked in a DA’s office, I have also worked for a federal district court judge, a Texas district court judge, and another criminal defense attorney. My insight into the workings of a judge’s chambers will be advantageous to your defense.