What do you Charge at The Urbanic Law Firm? Oklahoma Attorney

How The Urbanic Law Firm Calculates Our Fees

If cost is your primary concern, then I am not the attorney for you. We are not the most expensive in town, but we are also not the cheapest. We are not a client mill or a “bleed them and plead them” type of law office. We take pride in having good outcomes for our clients, and that’s only possible if we limit our caseload to a certain level. To do that, we have to charge a certain price, so not everyone can afford us. If everyone who wanted to hire us hired us, then we wouldn’t be able to do a good job for anyone. We do a thorough job in our representation, which takes time and effort. We go through the evidence thoroughly and discuss it with the client. We advocate on behalf of the client in court and with the prosecutor as much as we need to within the time constraints.

Legal representation is not something you want to get at a bargain basement price because there is so much at stake. A criminal case can have permanent effects. You want someone who is competent and can devote the time to your case that it deserves. There are some general guidelines on how we price cases. A felony is going to cost more than a misdemeanor, and a county charge will cost more than a municipal charge. The cost for a municipal case may be around $1000, and a county case will be in the thousands of dollars. A felony case can range from a couple of thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. There are so many factors that go into determining the cost of each case that it would be impractical to say that we charge a certain amount in every case. We must look at the number of cases a client has at that time, how many charges there are per case, the client’s prior record, and whether or not the client is on probation.

We also look at the severity of the charges. This includes an evaluation of whether the client is charged with a violent crime or an 85% crime. Generally, the more there is at stake with a charge, the higher the fee will be. This is because we need to be able to dedicate extra time to the client. We also look at where a case is located. For example, the travel time between our office and Oklahoma County is much less than between our office and Guymon, Oklahoma.

Do You Bill By The Hour Or Do You Charge A Flat Fee For Criminal Cases?

We charge a flat fee for criminal cases. This is typical for most criminal defense attorneys. A flat fee makes it easier for the client to budget for their representation. The flat fee arrangement incentivizes efficiency, and our use of technology and the cloud makes us more efficient. This doesn’t mean that we cut corners to the detriment of our clients. In every case, the overall incentive is to have a great outcome. Great outcomes make the attorney look good and create happy clients. In turn, this increases referrals and improves the image of the firm. Therefore, I think the flat fee for a criminal case provides the greatest certainty of cost for a client and provides the right incentives for the attorney.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

We offer payment plans. If someone is on a payment plan, then we will require that a minimum of half of the fee be paid as the down payment. We do this because history has shown that if someone does not have the ability to pay for half of the cost of the representation at the beginning, then they won’t have the ability to come up with the remaining half through the course of the representation. We always have a healthy client caseload, so we see no need to change our position on this. All our current clients either paid half down or paid in full with the prepayment discount. It would be extremely disrespectful to our current clients to give new clients a “deal” that the current clients didn’t get. If you were our client, then you would want our future clients to be treated the same way you were.

Will You Reduce Your Fee?

We do not reduce the fee that we charge new clients. However, we give discounts based on full payments made upfront. If you can pay in full and in cash at the beginning of the representation, then we will give a 10 percent discount. This means that you will only pay 90% of the quoted fee. If you pay with a credit or debit card in full at the beginning of the representation, then you get a 5% discount—you only pay 95% of the quoted fee. We charge a lower fee per case when a client has multiple cases. If a client hires us for a subsequent case, then we will cut the client a break on the fee for the later case.

How Can I Pay You?

We try to make it as easy to pay us as possible. You may pay with cash, money order, cashier’s check, and credit card. We do not accept personal checks for the initial payment, however, you may pay subsequent payments with a personal check. You may pay by credit card by clicking the picture of credit cards on our main page. That will take you to the secure payment site. You may mail in money orders and cashier’s checks; I don’t recommend that you mail cash.

What Do You Charge For A Revocation Or Acceleration?

We have a unique way of structuring our fees for cases that are on revocation or acceleration. A case that is on acceleration or revocation means that the prosecutor believes the defendant has violated a term of their probation and they want to convict the defendant or put them in jail or prison. The way we structure our revocation or acceleration case fees is by charging a flat rate upfront. That amount will go towards a certain number of court appearances. We only earn that money when we appear in court. Depending on how many times we appear, the client may receive money back at the end of the representation. If we have to appear in court fewer times than we originally anticipated, then the client will receive a portion of the money back. The incentivizes clients to complete their probation requirements promptly because the quicker those requirements are completed the more money they have refunded to them.

What Do You Charge For A DUI Case?

Our fee for handling a DUI case depends on many things. Generally, the cost of a DUI case exceeds the cost of a similar criminal case. This is because DUI cases are typically two cases in one. The first case is the criminal case, which is the one that could lead to jail time. The second case is the civil case, which is the license revocation portion. A felony will cost more than a misdemeanor county charge, and a misdemeanor county charge costs more than a misdemeanor city charge.

People who know what they are doing in DUI representation have specialized training and knowledge about DUI representation. This requires additional training and seminars beyond the standard legal education that is offered in the state. There is a technical aspect to DUI cases that does not exist in other cases and can only be learned at DUI-specific training. We do a thorough evaluation of your case with a 150+ point checklist that was developed through the extensive DUI-specific training that I attended.

We are not the most expensive attorneys in town, nor are we the cheapest. However, if the cheapest solution is your main concern, then we are not the firm for you. If you desire to maximize your chances of having a good outcome in your DUI case and want to know that every aspect of the case was evaluated, then we are the firm for you.

What Do You Charge For An Expungement?

We charge a flat fee for expungements. The fee will increase as the number of cases to be expunged increases, and the fee will be higher if the multiple cases are in different counties. The fee covers all costs. The amount you pay us for the expungement is all that you will have to pay—there are no hidden fees. Many other firms charge a fee then nickel and dime you after that. They will charge you for the cost of filing the expungement with the district court, obtaining the police report(s), processing the expungements through the various agencies, and mailing costs. We also don’t charge you extra if the expungement is contested and a hearing is required. Bottom line is that we do not charge you a penny over the quoted fee. Keep this in mind when getting price quotes from other attorneys who offer the “cheapest expungement in town.” They will suck you in with a low rate then hit you with hidden fee after hidden fee once they have received their fee payment. And if the expungement is contested, then hold on to your wallet. We offer simple and easy to understand expungement pricing.