What is aggressive defense?

I’ve had people ask me what it means to provide “aggressive defense.” While the image of Tom Cruise shouting at Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men may come to mind, shouting at someone is not exactly what it means to aggressively defend a client.

Aggressive defense means that I will explore many avenues to get the best outcome for my clients. This involves thoroughly examining the police report, warrant, charging document, and evidence. I will aggressively look for things that could help my clients. Other places that could provide beneficial information for my clients include case law with similar fact patters, witnesses, and the statutes themselves.

Aggressive defense also means providing the prosecutor with information on my clients that gives a more complete picture of who my client is. I want my clients to be more than just a case number and a crime. The client may be a hard worker at his or her job, at home with the kids, or at school. Maybe the client does a lot of volunteer work at church. I frequently ask clients to get letters of recommendation from their employers and church leadership. These, and other things that humanize a defendant, can help the prosecutor see the client in a more positive light.

My goal is always to have my clients’ cases dismissed. If that is not possible, then I do everything I can to help achieve the clients’ goals. Providing aggressive defense for my clients offers the greatest chance of achieving those goals.

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