Speeding Ticket Fines Reduced – 2018 Oklahoma Laws #7

The total cost for a ticket for speeding 1-10 mph over the speed limit has been reduced to no more than oklahoma speeding ticket$100. This includes fines and additional fees. The previous total cost was around $225. This bill places limits on what the court clerk can collect. It also enumerates how the costs will be allocated. In general, this seems like a very complicated way of reducing the cost of a speeding ticket.

The supposed goal of this legislation is to have more tickets written. The governor believed that this bill would discourage motorists from speeding because more tickets were going to be written. Because nobody really knows how this will impact anything, this bill expires on November 1, 2020. It went into effect on August 2, 2018.

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Sources: SB 1203, 47 O.S. § 11-80147 O.S. § 11-801e, & http://kfor.com/2018/05/14/new-oklahoma-law-drops-speeding-ticket-costs-by-more-than-half/

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