Sex Offenders-2018 Oklahoma Laws #18

oklahoma sex offenderOne of these updates to Oklahoma law was named the “Justice for Danyelle Act of 2018.” It was named after a girl whose molester lived next door to her. HB 1124 expands the places where a sex offender can’t loiter or live. A sex offender now may not live within a 2,000 ft radius of the residence of his or her victim. A sex offender is now prohibited from loitering within 1,000 ft of his or her victim if:

  1. the person who committed a sex crime against the victim has been convicted of said crime, and
  2. the person is required to register pursuant to the Sex Offenders Registration Act.

A sex offender now can’t live within a 2,000 ft radius of a “family child care home.” This change came from HB 3330.

These changes went into effect on November 1, 2018.

Sources: Analysis of Justice for Danyelle Act, Article on Justice for Danyelle bill, HB 1124, HB 3330, 21 O.S. § 1125, & 57 O.S. § 590

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