Real Roulette & Craps Legal-2018 Oklahoma Laws #28

It’s now legal to play craps with dice and roulette with balls. These games were previously legal, but they had to be played with something other than dice or a ball. Craps was typically played with the dealers turning cards over that had pictures of dice on them. An earlier version of this bill would have allowed sports betting was taken out of the bill.

The law specifically states that Oklahoma law does “not permit the operation of slot machines, house-banked card games, house-banked table games involving dice or roulette wheels, or games where winners are determined by the outcome of a sports contest.” Previously, dice games and roulette wheels were part of that list. “House-banked table games involving dice or roulette wheels” is new on that list. It’s interesting that the list includes “slot machines” since some casinos in Oklahoma have thousands of slot machines.

“Non-house-banked table games” means any table game, including but not limited to those table games involving a wheel, ball or dice, operated in a nonelectronic environment in which the tribe has no interest in the outcome of the game, including games played in tournament formats and games in which the tribe collects a fee from the player for participating, and all bets are placed in a common pool or pot from which all player winnings, prizes and direct costs are paid.

HB 3375 amended 3A O.S. §§ 262 & 280 and created 3A O.S. § 280.1. The changes went into effect August 2, 2018. Real craps and roulette became available in Oklahoma casinos as early as August, 2018.

Sources: HB 3375 and 3A O.S. §§ 262, 280, & 280.1; Oklahoman article; article

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