Offense Detail

Please provide info regarding your alleged offense and arrest. I will use this to find potential legal issues in your case.The more thorough you are, the better chance I have to spot an issue.

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Police department, sheriff, Highway Patrol, etc
SFSTs, breath test, blood test, etc. Did you refuse anything?
List their name, address, and phone number if you know it. What do you think they may have seen?
Did anyone question you? If so, when and where? Who were the officers? Was anybody else there to hear you? What did you say?
Tell me when you believe you were arrested. This would be when you no longer felt free to leave.
Tell me about whether you feel you were mistreated or if law enforcement acted professionally. Did they sexually harass you? Did they use any racial slurs?
Were your Miranda rights read to you? If so, when?. Did you exercise your right to remain silent? If so, how did you inform the police of this? Did you ask to speak with an attorney? Did the cops question you any more after either exercising your right to remain silent or have an attorney? And if so, did you answer any of their questions?
Discuss any alibi you have for this accusation
Discuss the events surrounding any search. Was there a search? Did you consent to a search? Did you feel "tricked" into giving consent to search? Was there a police dog involved?
Describe any physical evidence you provided to the police. What was it? Where was it? When did you give it to the police?
Discuss any lineup that occurred. Did police ask witnesses if you were the the one? When and where did it take place?
Where did you go? What did you do? Why?
Have you discussed this case with anyone? List people and what you told them.
Discuss any injuries to you as a result of the arrest or the incident. Are there pictures or video of this?
Discuss any pictures taken of either you, the accuser, the scene of the alleged offense, or any items allegedly involved in the offense. Explain what they took pictures of and when they were taken.
Discuss anything else you think I should know regarding this incident, your alleged involvement in this incident, anyone else's involvement in this incident, your relationship with anyone involved, or your arrest.