New Oklahoma Laws In 2016 Part 22 – Legally Carry More Types Of Knives

SB 1159 legalized the carrying of any dagger, bowie knife, dirk knife, or sword cane. A bill that went into effect in 2015 legalized the carrying of switchblades.

Convicted felons cannot carry firearms, so this law will be useful in allowing them to carry something for self-defense. It also decriminalizes behavior that many people were doing anyway. It’s a good way to allow law enforcement resources to be directed towards more important things.

This is my FINAL post on new Oklahoma laws in 2016! When I first started this project, I thought I would be doing a handful of posts. I had no idea this would result in 22 posts! In the next post, I’ll be posting a summary of each new law.

This law went into effect on November 1, 2016 and amended 21 OS § 1272.

SB 1159 –

21 OS § 1272 –

News article covering SB 1159 –

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