Obstructing an Officer in Oklahoma

arrested for obstructing an officer oklahomaIt’s illegal to willfully delay or obstruct any public officer in the discharge or attempt to discharge any duty of his or her duties. A person doesn’t have to use physical force to be guilty of obstructing an officer. Words alone may be enough to support a conviction for obstructing an officer. This law does not prevent someone from recording the activity of law enforcement in a public area, as long as the recording activity does not delay or obstruct the law enforcement agent in his or her duties. This crime is also sometimes referred to as obstruction of justice.

Punishment For Obstructing an Officer in Oklahoma

This crime is a misdemeanor. The maximum punishment in the county jail is one year. The maximum fine is $500.

Source: 21 O.S. § 540

Current as of 6/15/2019.

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