How Do You Remain Up To Date With The Law In Oklahoma?

Remain Up To Date With The Law In OklahomaWe keep up to date with the law in Oklahoma by producing content on our website, posting on our blog, writing books, and attending continuing legal education courses. We are constantly posting fresh content to our website. If a law changes, then we will update the content that applies to it. The content mainly goes over the actual law, and in many cases, it is a paraphrasing of the statute. We do not want to be putting out old or incorrect information on our website, so we ensure that our content remains correct. We post regularly on our website’s blog. Every year, we publish a blog series on new criminal laws in Oklahoma. I research the laws that are going into effect each year and make blog posts summarizing the new law and describing the impact it will have. I have authored numerous books covering criminal defense topics in Oklahoma. This requires a significant amount of research and study. Topics I’ve authored books on include DUI, drug offenses, domestic violence, victim protective orders, theft crimes, burglary, and robbery. Finally, I attend seminars and continuing legal education locally and all over the country. Continuing legal education is very important to me; it not only gives me a new perspective on how to handle cases and advocate for new clients but also keeps me informed as to the most recent laws.

Do You Belong To Any Professional Legal Organizations Or Have Any Special Training?

I belong to several local and national lawyer organizations. National organizations I’m a member of are the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, National College For DUI Defense, and the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys. Local organizations I’m a member of are the Oklahoma County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the Oklahoma County Bar Association. These organizations have resources that help keep their members informed. Several of those organizations have forums where attorneys ask questions and members of the organization respond. If I have a question that I do not have the answer to, I can post it there and an attorney from anywhere in the country can answer.

I have also received additional training specific to DUI charges, including the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) practitioners course and Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) training. I have attended the standardized field sobriety test practitioners’ course twice. The first one I attended was in Atlanta and was more nationally-oriented training. The second class was in Oklahoma, and it had an Oklahoma focus. After that, I attended the SFST instructor course. This means that I’m qualified to instruct law enforcement officers on how to administer the field sobriety tests. This is a qualification that very few attorneys have. ARIDE is the follow-on course to the SFST practitioners course. Its focus is to detect drivers impaired by drugs.

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