Author: Frank Urbanic

New Oklahoma laws in 2016 Part II – Discretion to file misdemeanor charges under certain circumstances

HB 2472 gives prosecutors discretion to file charges for non-85% crimes as misdemeanors instead of felonies. Eighty-five percent crimes are considered to be particularly bad crimes. They include murder, first-degree rape, and child molestation. They are found in 21 OS 13.1:

So, this new law means that any felony not listed in 21 OS 13.1 can be charged as a misdemeanor. This is a huge deal because there are a ton of ways that someone can get charged with a felony in Oklahoma. This will prevent our prisons and courts from becoming clogged up with people who are accused of crimes that are technically felonies but are not on the heinous end of the spectrum. I think if prosecutors take advantage of this new law then we will see people get out of the system much more quickly.

Being a convicted felon sucks, and it will damage someone for life. This law requires the prosecutor to use their discretion when deciding whether or not to file a felony as a misdemeanor by looking into the nature of the criminal offense and the age, background and criminal history of the person who committed the criminal offense–among other things. This will be particularly helpful to young people and people who committed crimes where nobody was hurt.

The entire text of the bill can be found here: It will be codified in 22 OS 234. This law goes into effect November 1, 2016

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New Oklahoma laws in 2016 Part I – DUI prosecutions by municipalities

This is the first of a five-part series discussing new laws related to criminal defense that go into effect November 1, 2016.

This post discusses HB 3146, which affects the ability of some cities to charge individuals with DUI. When this bill goes into effect, only the cities of Oklahoma City and Tulsa will be able to charge someone with a DUI. A DUI arrest in every other city will have to be prosecuted by the county.

The bill requires cities without a court of record to pass that individual along to the county for prosecution. Only Tulsa and Oklahoma City have courts of record, so they are the only cities that will still be able to prosecute DUIs. This bill was passed because people were racking up DUIs in municipalities and never getting charged with a felony. In Oklahoma, the second DUI is supposed to be charged as a felony.

This bill also creates a database that would inform officers and prosecutors about a person’s drunken driving arrest record.

Here is the entire text of the law:

Article discussing the bill:

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