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Minors Prohibited From Using Tanning Facilities – Oklahoma Laws In 2017 #6

oklahoma teen tanning bedIt’s now illegal for minors to use a tanning bed in a tanning salon. Any tanning facility or operator that violates this law will be subject to a civil penalty. Kids can still continue to get a spray tan with reckless abandon. SB 765 created 63 O.S. § 7302. It became effective November 1, 2017.

The owner of a “tanning facility” is required to post a notice that states all of the following:

  1. That it is unlawful for a tanning facility or operator to allow a person under 18 to use any tanning device;
  2. That a tanning facility or operator who violates the provisions of this law willbe subject to a civil penalty;
  3. That an individual may report a violation of one or more provisions of this act to the local law enforcement agency; and
  4. The health risks associated with tanning including, but not limited to, skin cancer, premature aging of skin, burns to the skin and adverse reactions to certain medications, foods and cosmetics.

A “tanning facility” is defined as “any location, place, area, structure or business that provides persons access to any tanning device, including tanning salons, health clubs, apartments and condominiums, regardless of whether a fee is charged for access to tanning equipment.”

Well, I’m glad our legislators have their priorities right. Why not leave this regulation up to the parents? Who cares if some teen wants to have a tanned body? I didn’t know there was such a great amount of bronzed high-schoolers these days that we needed to stop it through legislation. Newsflash to legislators: you can get a tan by just being outside. What’s next, a law to limit the amount of time teenagers can spend outside without sunscreen on?

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