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Frank Urbanic’s appearances on the Fox News Channel

This is a video of my two appearances on The Fox News Channel. The first was on May 11, 2007 where I proposed to my girlfriend. I then appeared via phone on September 22, 2007 to update the Fox & Friends gang just prior to my getting married.

While my appearances were not law-related, they give you a good idea of how I operate. No, it’s not that I keep people in the dark about something then spring it on them at the last minute! The appearances demonstrate my creativity, persistence, and passion for things I care about.

People always ask me how I made this happen. I had no friends on the inside, so this all came about through my own efforts. My then-girlfriend, Audra, and I planned a trip to New York to visit one of my best friends and check out the city. I intended to propose to Audra at some point during that trip. Wanting to make it memorable, I thought that it would be cool to propose on live tv.

My original idea was to propose during one of Fox & Friends’s outdoor segments. They typically go outside the studio each morning and talk to some people. I thought that if I would propose to Audra if I could get a few seconds of that time. So, I started emailing the show regularly about a month out from our trip. Thinking they might be more receptive to a member of the military, I sent each email from my military email.

After about two weeks of emailing the show, a producer emailed me back. He said he would love to accommodate me. He came up with the idea of a quiz show where Audra and I would be contestants. The last question would be my proposal to Audra.

The morning we were to appear, I told Audra that we were going to stop by the Fox News Chanel studio to wave behind the glass. Unbeknownst to her, I had told all our friends and family my plan. As we were getting ready that morning, it began to rain. I thought we were going to get canceled. Then, a producer called me and told me that our segment could be moved inside if we still wanted to do it. So, of course I accepted that offer! I told the producer what we were wearing so they could spot us.

Soon after we showed up outside the studio, someone came out and asked if we wanted to come in and play a quiz game. I acted surprised, and Audra was in a state of disbelief. We entered the studio, and the rest is history.

The follow-on appearance was given just prior to our getting married. This was essentially us milking our 15 minutes of fame for all it was worth.

This experience is illustrative of my approach to practicing law. My creative, out-of-the-box, thinking led to one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. I will apply that same creativity when when working to resolve your case. My persistence in contacting the show prevented an incredible opportunity from slipping past me. I will be just as determined to get you the best possible outcome when advocating for you. Finally, my passion for my wife and accomplishing a goal is obvious in that video. My recognition for great outcomes in prior cases and my incredible performance in law school are evidence of my passion for the practice of law. I will approach your case with the same passion and enthusiasm that I have shown in these previous endeavors.

If you have any questions about Oklahoma Criminal law, please do not hesitate to contact me at (405) 633-3420 or [email protected] If I do not answer the phone, please leave me a short description your case–including where you are charged, when you were charged/accused/arrested, what charges you are facing, and anything else you think may be helpful in determining a fair fee for my services!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and read my blog. I’m open to suggestions for future blog entries and short videos.

All the best,

Frank Urbanic

A Simple Start to Each Case

My first step after interviewing a client seems pretty obvious, but surprisingly it’s not always done. In the words of the great Pat Metze, “RGDS!”. Put another way … Read the statute!

I read the statute of the crime my clients are charged with every time. Not everyone does this. Even the most experienced attorneys do not have every statute memorized. This is why we must familiarize ourselves with the statute every time it applies to one of our cases. Although it seems so obvious, it is often overlooked.

There are numerous reasons for reading the statute. The most important is to know exactly what the client is accused of doing and what the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt. If there are multiple elements to a crime, then the state must prove each element beyond a reasonable doubt. The law could have changed. The Oklahoma legislature is constantly rewriting laws, so a law could easily be different from one year to the next. Finally, the statute must match up with the charging document. Mismatches mean that someone working for the state messed something up.

I pledge to you that I will read the statute of the crime you are accused of committing whether I have had one or 1000 prior clients charged with that crime. Additionally, I will review previously decided cases that are relevant to your case. Reading relevant cases helps build a better picture and highlights areas in your case to look at for potential issues.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your case please do not hesitate to call me! (405) 633-3420