Is There Additional Pressure On A Member Of The Armed Forces If They Are Charged With A Crime?

The Armed ForcesIf you’re in the military, you’re held to a higher standard. There is more pressure because you’re facing the possibility of losing your job. The arrest can have some serious negative impacts on your career. Even though we are all supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, unfortunately, my time in the military has taught me that much of the leadership believes that you are guilty just because you were arrested. The service member may not have actually done the crime they are being arrested for, or there just may not be enough evidence to prove their guilt.

What unfortunately happens is that the day after the arrest or the day after the person gets out of jail, the service member is immediately dragged into their commander’s office and ordered to answer questions. Many of these people don’t know the process, and there are so many things going on in their head. So after being given a superficial reading of their rights, they sign away their rights and answer all their commander’s questions. And then that is it, they are done. They have a very high chance of losing their job. It’s very important that people understand those rights and that they do have a right to remain silent. Unfortunately it takes too long, or it’s too late by the time people realize that.

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