What Should I Look For When Hiring An Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney?

Hiring An Oklahoma Criminal Defense AttorneyFirst, look for someone who knows what the hell they’re doing. Many attorneys who handle criminal cases handle a variety of other cases, as well. About 90% of the cases handled by The Urbanic Law Firm are criminal cases. Most of the other 10% involve cases that have some relation to criminal matters, such as victim protective orders or deprived child cases. We represent people on many different types of criminal cases. This variety of cases and our focus on criminal defense benefits all of our clients because we are constantly refreshing our knowledge on criminal law.

Find someone who is passionate about what they do and cares about getting a great outcome in your case. We love practicing criminal defense and find it very rewarding to help people through challenging situations. This should be apparent by the high percentage of criminal cases we take. We deeply care about getting great outcomes for clients. Not only is the best outcome in a case the best thing for a client, but it makes us look good too. The better outcomes we have, the more we are seen as a leading Oklahoma criminal defense firm. Our record speaks for itself. We post our wins on the Wins page on our website. It has many dismissals, deferred sentences, and reductions to lesser offenses. We’re very proud of our record, and we want everyone to know about it.

We’ve had great success with our three-pronged approach to cases. The first prong involves finding legal issues in your case in the hopes of getting it dismissed or reduced to lesser charges. This requires us to research the statutes, review evidence, and research previously decided cases. The second prong is mitigation. We collect information about our clients that we present to the prosecutor so the client isn’t thought of merely as a number associated with a crime. We try to humanize our clients by showing evidence of what they do for a living, if they go to church, if they volunteer in the community, if they go to school, and any other great things they’re doing. We put our clients to work in our third prong. If it makes sense, we have our clients start the classes and/or counseling they would have to do if they were to plead. This doesn’t mean they will plead, but getting these things started early helps in two ways. First, it gets the plea requirements knocked out ahead of time in the event someone does plead, so they can’t be hauled back into court after pleading for having not completed those requirements. Second, completing those things ahead of time usually improves the plea offer. Some of the other things we may recommend our clients do include submitting to drug tests, performing community service, or going to drug rehab. With all three prongs of our approach to cases working together, we are usually able to have great outcomes in our cases.

A good criminal defense attorney should stay current on laws and constantly educate themselves. One way we do this is by writing books, blog posts, and content for our website. Each of those involves a considerable amount of research and thought. We write our own content here—no ghostwriters. This requires us to get into the statutes and cases and really understand what’s going on. Then, we publish content in a way that makes the law easy to understand for someone who is not an attorney. Another way we stay educated is by frequently attending continuing legal education. We place a high value on education in The Urbanic Law Firm. Attending conferences, legal education, and special training are encouraged. We travel all around the country and state to attend the best training possible. We bring that knowledge back to the firm and save it in our knowledge management systems to improve our representation.

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