What Is Endeavoring To Possess Drugs In Oklahoma?

Drugs-In-OklahomaEndeavoring to commit a drug offense is covered in 63 OS § 2-408. It is defined in OUJI-CR 6-16 as any effort to do or accomplish the evil purpose that the law was enacted to prevent. This is a VERY LOW standard—even lower than “attempt.” It’s basically any effort, no matter how slight, towards the attainment of your goal.

For example, you have drugs, and I know you have drugs. If I take one step in your direction, then I could potentially be found guilty of “endeavoring to possess drugs.” Someone can be charged with endeavoring to possess drugs by merely pointing another in the direction of a drug dealer. This is a very scary statute because the threshold to violate it is so low. So, if you don’t want to get charged with this offense, then don’t do anything that would give law enforcement the idea that you are trying to get drugs or help someone else get drugs.

The penalty for violating this statute is the penalty for the offense you’re supposedly endeavoring to commit.

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63 OS § 2-408

OUJI-CR 6-16