What Are The Penalties For Drug Trafficking In Oklahoma?

Drug Trafficking In Oklahoma

Drug trafficking in Oklahoma is also referred to as trafficking of CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substances). The primary factor in determining trafficking of illegal drugs is the quantity of the drug. The following table shows the quantities that constitute trafficking and the amount of fine.

DrugQuantityMinimum FineMaximum Fine


≥ 25 lbs.$25,000$100,000
≥ 1,000 lbs.$100,000$500,000
Cocaine or coca leaves



≥ 28 g.$25,000$100,000
≥ 300 g.$100,000$500,000
≥ 450 g.$100,000$500,000
Heroin≥ 10 g.$25,000$50,000
≥ 28 g.$50,000$500,000
Amphetamine or Meth



≥ 20 g.$25,000$200,000
≥ 200 g.$50,000$500,000
≥ 450$50,000$500,000
LSD≥ 1 g.$50,000$100,000
≥ 10 g.$100,000$250,000
PCP≥ 20 g.$20,000$50,000
≥ 150 g.$50,000$250,000
Cocaine Base≥ 5 g.$25,000$100,000
≥ 50 g.$100,000$500,000
MDMA (Ecstasy)≥ 30 tabs or 10 g.$25,000$100,000
≥ 100 tabs or 10 g.$100,000$500,000
Morphine≥ 1000 g.$100,000$500,000
Hydrocodone≥ 3,750 g.$100,000$500,000
Benzodiazepines≥ 500 g.$100,000$500,000

The term of imprisonment for a first-time offense is at least twice the term of imprisonment provided for in 63 OS § 2-401. The following table shows the amount of prison time for each offense.

DrugsFirst OffenseAfter 1 trafficking or UCDSA felony convictionAfter 2 or more trafficking and/or UCDSA felony convictionsAfter 2 or more trafficking violations
Heroin, Cocaine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Morphine, or LSD10 years – life15 years – life20 years – life without paroleLife without parole
Marijuana, Amphetamine, Meth, MDMA, Benzodiazepines4 years – life6 years – life20 years – life without paroleLife without parole
Aggravated trafficking marijuana, amphetamine, meth, cocaine, or coca15 years – life. Must serve 85% before being eligible for parole consideration or earned credits.21 OS § 51.1 applies21 OS § 51.1 appliesLife without parole

Individuals convicted of trafficking are not eligible for deferred or suspended sentences (probation). Any person convicted of trafficking must, in addition to any fine imposed, pay a trauma-care fee of $100.00.

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