Should I Work As An Informant With The Police On A Drug Case?

Drug CaseThere are some benefits to working as an informant with law enforcement. There are also major drawbacks. The biggest benefit of working as an informant is that it can improve the plea recommendation in your criminal case. Typically, people who become informants are people who were arrested and the police try to get that person to roll on others. The typical scenario with drugs is that somebody was arrested for drug possession. The police want to know who their dealer is so the police can set up a controlled buy with that dealer. Charges against an informant can go completely away, get reduced, or be modified. This all depends on the original charge and the help given to police.

There are also drawbacks to becoming an informant. The first is that you could be putting your life in danger. The people you would be informing on are probably not going to be happy that you are working with the police. They are probably dangerous people and/or have connections to dangerous people. Therefore, there are many things to take into consideration when deciding to become a confidential informant.

You can receive a good deal with your case, however, that won’t mean anything if you are not around to appreciate it. If police approach you for information on criminal activity, then you should tell your attorney immediately. It will be very beneficial to have an attorney to make sure that your rights are protected. An attorney can make sure that the police keep up their end of the bargain, make sure your identity is protected, protect you from incriminating yourself in additional crimes, and help you get meaningful results. Your attorney should get the deal in writing and be present any time you talk with the police. The bottom line is that if you choose to help the police, then make sure they don’t hang you out to dry.

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