What Sets The Urbanic Law Firm Apart In Handling Drug Cases?

Drug CasesYou don’t want somebody who handles criminal cases every now and then. The Urbanic Law Firm has handled numerous cases involving drugs ranging from possession of paraphernalia to drug trafficking.

I aggressively defend all my clients. I try to get my hands on as much evidence as possible. This includes the police report, video, audio, and witness statements. I will compare what the officer did, or said they did, to the standard procedures.

As prescription drug use increases and marijuana legalization efforts continue to succeed, there will be a greater likelihood of DUI-drug arrests. It’s important for an attorney to know the procedures law enforcement must follow when arresting an individual whom they believe was driving under the influence of drugs.

Not only am I a Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST) practitioner, but I am also a SFST instructor. I have gone through the same NHTSA-certified training that law enforcement officers go through to be eligible to teach SFSTs at the academy.

There is a certain way to administer the field sobriety tests. Many officers are not proficient in the administration of those tests, so it’s crucial to have an attorney who can spot the errors. It is very powerful to a jury when the defense attorney knows more about SFSTs than the officer and can highlight the officer’s lack of knowledge.

Additionally, I am an Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) practitioner. ARIDE is the DUI-drugs equivalent to SFSTs. The purpose of ARIDE is to detect someone who driving under the influence of drugs. Every officer is SFST trained, and now almost all officers are ARIDE trained. With the increasing numbers of people driving after consuming some type of “drug,” knowing how ARIDE-trained officers operate is becoming increasingly important.

I recently completed the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Overview course. This course gives defense attorneys an understating of the DRE program and what it takes to become a DRE. Drug Recognition Experts are specially-trained law enforcement officers whose focus is to determine the type of drug(s) an individual is under the influence of. Their training lasts several months, and their evaluation of a suspect will typically last over an hour. ARIDE-trained officers are supposed to get probable cause for an arrest, and DREs are supposed to prove someone’s intoxication beyond a reasonable doubt. An attorney who is not familiar with DRE procedures may overlook a critical error in the DRE’s training records or report.

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