Physical Injury In Domestic Abuse Cases In Oklahoma

Domestic Abuse Cases In OklahomaDomestic Abuse Arrest In OklahomaAccording to 22 O.S. § 60.16, a law enforcement officer may arrest someone without a warrant if that officer has probable cause to believe that the person has committed an act of domestic abuse in the previous 72 hours. However, the police officer may not arrest a person pursuant to that section without observing a recent physical injury to or an impairment in the physical condition of the alleged victim.

This applies to the criminal part of a domestic abuse situation. However, if you file a victim protective order (VPO), then nobody is looking at the victim to see if there is any evidence of recent physical injury or impairment of physical condition because there are other reasons that someone can file a VPO. It doesn’t always have to be a victim of domestic abuse that files a VPO. A parent can file a VPO on behalf of his or her child. Or, the person filing the VPO may be a victim of stalking or harassment.


22 O.S. § 60.16

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