What Happens After A Domestic Abuse Arrest In Oklahoma?

The first event after a domestic abuse arrest is a trip to jail. The arrestee will be booked, processed, fingerprinted, and photographed. Their bail will initially be set, and they will be afforded the opportunity to call someone for help.

Are Domestic Abuse Charges Bondable?

Domestic abuse charges are generally bondable. Whether you are arrested or not, your bond will typically be initially set at “no bond.” You will find out the exact bond amount when you go in front of the judge for arraignment.

There is a 72-hour “cool down” period after someone is arrested for a domestic abuse charges. That means that the arrestee will not be released from jail until 72 hours has passed from the time of arrest.

Will Someone Be Prevented From Having Contact With Their Spouse Or Children In A Domestic Abuse Case?

Domestic Abuse Arrest In OklahomaYou will not necessarily be prevented from having contact with your spouse or children after a domestic abuse case. A domestic abuse charge, by itself, does not carry any requirement that the accused not contact the complaining witness (aka the “victim”). However, what happens many times in a domestic abuse situation is that the victim will file a Victim Protective Order (VPO). A VPO is what’s used to prevent someone from contacting the victim. If you have a VPO on you, then you need to read the order thoroughly and obey every word of it. Violation of the VPO is a crime.

Something else that can happen is that the Department of Human Services (DHS) can get involved if there was an injury to a child. Domestic abuse can also occur when the victim is a child. If DHS finds out about the abuse, then they may initiate deprived child proceedings. The child could be removed from home due to the violence committed by an individual living in the home and/or a failure to protect by the other parent/relative/other individual living in the household.

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