What Alternative Programs Are Available To Drug Offenders In Oklahoma?

 Drug Offenders In OklahomaMost counties in Oklahoma have a drug court program. However, there are some very stringent requirements for that program.

The following are the basic requirements to enter drug court in Oklahoma:

  1. The offender’s arrest or charge does not involve a crime of violence against any person, unless there is a specific treatment program in the jurisdiction designed to address domestic violence and the offense is related to domestic violence and substance abuse;
  2. The offender has no prior felony conviction in this state or another state for a violent offense within the last ten years, except as may be allowed in a domestic violence treatment program authorized by the drug court program.;
  3. The offender’s arrest or charge does not involve a violation of the Trafficking In Illegal Drugs Act;
  4. The offender has committed a felony offense; and
  5. The offender:
    1. admits to having a substance abuse addiction,
    2. appears to have a substance abuse addiction,
    3. is known to have a substance abuse addiction,
    4. the arrest or charge is based upon an offense eligible for the drug court program, or
    5. is a person who has had an assessment authorized by 43A OS § 3-704 and the assessment recommends the drug court program.

Updates To Rehabilitation Programs

On November 1, 2016, drug court expanded eligibility to include persons recommended for drug court after a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assessment and Evaluation. The change also implies that drug court need not be in lieu of incarceration. State Question 781 proposed using the money saved by enacting State Question 780 for drug rehabilitation programs. I think the public is realizing that harm to society by the incarceration of drug addicts is greater than the drugs themselves. They now realize that a higher priority should be placed on rehabilitation instead of incarceration.

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