How Do I Apply For A Concealed Handgun License In Oklahoma?

Concealed Handgun License In Oklahoma

Applications for a handgun license are available from the county sheriff or by mail from the OSBI. The application must be made under oath and signed in person before the sheriff of the county where applicant resides. Along with the application, you must submit $100, two passport-sized photographs, and the original certificate of training or exemption certificate. The $100 fee is for a five-year license. You may also get a ten-year license for $200. The cost to renew a license is lower than the cost of an initial application.

You must show a valid photo ID. The sheriff will take two complete sets of fingerprints. The charge for these will be no more than $25. The sheriff will make a preliminary investigation and submit the application with any relevant information to the OSBI within 14 days. The OSBI will conduct a state and federal criminal background search, a federal fingerprint search, and any other relevant checks before issuing a license or denying the application within 90 days of receipt of the application. The OSBI will deny a license when the applicant fails to properly complete the application form or application process or is determined ineligible as specified in the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act. You have 60 days to appeal a denial. Application materials remain available to law enforcement personnel for law enforcement purposes only.

The qualifying firearm safety and training course may be taken from a firearms instructor who is approved and registered in the state or from an interactive online firearms safety and training course that’s approved and certified by CLEET. You’re also required to demonstrate competency and qualification. The course and the demonstration of competency and qualification must be designed as one that an applicant can reasonably complete in eight hours. It can’t cost more than $60.

Authorization for any type of pistol requires training and demonstration of competency under an approved firearms instructor. The course provides an opportunity for the applicant to qualify himself or herself on either a derringer, a revolver, a semiautomatic pistol, or any combination of those three types of guns. A pistol can’t be capable of firing larger than .45 caliber ammunition. The firearm instructor will refuse to train or qualify anyone whose handgun is unauthorized, deemed unsafe, or unfit for firing. An applicant who successfully trains and qualifies with a semiautomatic pistol may be approved by the firearms instructor on the training certificate for a semiautomatic pistol, a revolver, and a derringer upon request of the applicant. Someone who qualifies on a derringer or revolver is not eligible for a semiautomatic rating until he or she demonstrates competence and qualifications on a semiautomatic pistol. Applicants who successfully complete the training and qualification course receive a certificate of training and a certificate of competency and qualification.

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