Misconceptions About A DUI Arrest

Many people second-guess their decision to submit to or refuse a chemical test. Generally, whatever you did was probably the right decision at the time. Bottom line is that you should not beat yourself up over whatever decision you made.

The biggest question that I get before someone gets a DUI is, “Should I blow or not when pulled over?”. That’s a judgment call for that person at that time. Only the individual driving knows how much alcohol they had to drink.

In general, it is a better idea to submit to a chemical test. Oklahoma is an implied consent state. There are incentives to submit to a test and punishments based on a high test result. Refusal will earn you an automatic 18 months of interlock on your car for a first offense. A BAC of 0.15 or higher earns the same interlock time. There are many opportunities to challenge the test. So, if you truly did not know which way to go then submit to a test.

Another misconception people have about DUI charges is that they assume they will be going to jail. Other than the initial trip to jail, that’s not necessarily the case for a first-time DUI, and in fact, it’s highly unlikely.

One last common misconception regarding DUIs is that a lot of people have heard how much it can cost. It certainly can cost a lot of money as an individual gets more alcohol-related arrests, but generally a first-time DUI is not going to be as costly as the media would have you believe. There will be classes, evaluations, attorney fees, court costs, and fines.

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