What Are The Aggravating Factors For DUI Charges?

In Oklahoma, there is a charge of aggravated DUI. This means that the individual had a blood or breath alcohol concentration of 0.15 or more. That’s governed by 47 OS § 11-902. If someone is convicted of aggravated DUI, there is a requirement to have an interlock device for at least 90 days.

Other things can enhance a DUI charge. The primary way a DUI charge can get enhanced is having a DUI conviction or guilty plea to DUI in the past. DUI is an enhanceable offense, which means a previous conviction can be used to enhance the current charge to a more severe penalty.

47 OS § 11-904 addresses people involved in an accident while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. If you injure someone, whether it’s a general personal injury or you injure them to the extent that is considered a great bodily injury, then the fact that you’ve previously been convicted or you were driving in violation of the DUI laws will be used to enhance your penalties.

Child endangerment, addressed in 21 OS § 852.1, can enhance a DUI charge. This happens when someone knowingly permits a child to be present in a vehicle when you know or should have known that the operator of the vehicle is impaired by or is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substance.

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