What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling DUI/DWI Cases?

Handling DUI CasesI aggressively defend all my clients and, of course, that applies to my DUI clients as well. What I do in these cases, as in all my other cases, is try to get my hands on as much evidence as possible. Oklahoma has some laws that don’t allow defense attorneys to get certain pieces of evidence at certain times unless the prosecutor allows them to obtain the evidence early. Regardless, I still try to get those early either from the prosecutor or through the arresting agency. For example, I will try to get the incident report, any video, any audio (this includes dash-cam and body cam), breath test, the station intake camera, etc. The incident reports are usually pretty easy to get. The videos can sometimes be more challenging to get. If I get those, then I’m going to look everything over, compare what the officer is doing to the standard procedure to see if there is any way we can challenge some of the evidence that the State would have against my client.

In addition to the actions I would take in each case, I’ve already gone through training on defending DUI clients. I’m a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I’ve attended training through them on how to defend people charged with DUI crimes and drug crimes. I’m also a member of the National College of DUI Defense. I have in my possession the standardized field sobriety tests training manuals and various other resources that detail the issues involved in DUI/DWI arrests and drunk driving. I use all of this to build legal arguments for my clients and to determine whether the correct procedures were followed in that case to secure the best possible outcome for all of my clients.

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