What Are Mistakes People Make When They Are Arrested For A DUI Or DWI?

Arrested For A DUI Or DWIArrested For A DUI Or DWIThe biggest mistakes people who are arrested for DUI or DWI make are talking to police and self-incrimination. People say things like “I’m busted”, or, “I’m drunk”. Those things are clearly not helpful to your case. Let the police officer do their job to determine whether or not you’re actually intoxicated; don’t say it.

Another common mistake I see is when clients talk to other people about their case. Just because someone is not a police officer, what is said can still be held against you. Theoretically if you go to trial and you said something incriminating to someone and the prosecutor finds out, the prosecutor can then call that person in to ask what was said. That is not considered hearsay because it’s a statement by the defendant.

Additionally, not complying with, fighting with or having a bad attitude with police are all big “no’s” as well. If you’re in that situation and you’re getting arrested, just go along with what the police are telling you to do. Don’t resist arrest. It only makes it worse. You may pick up even more charges and make it more difficult for the prosecutor to give you any sort of leniency later on. If you’re compliant and respectful, that makes my job easier to advocate on your behalf and to tell the prosecutor that you’re a good person who may have just made a mistake.

Cursing at the police, screaming at them, or anything like that will not help you—particularly if you want to go to trial and a video is going to be shown. Where there are police, there is video footage. There are video cameras inside most police cars nowadays, so if you’re shown cursing out a police officer and being disrespectful, that is absolutely not going to help you. It may even make the prosecutor believe that they have the upper hand because they know you’re not going to want to take the case to trial because the video reflects so poorly upon you.

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