How Public Is A DUI Or DWI Arrest And Prosecution?

How public a DUI arrest and prosecution will be depends on which agency made the arrest and who is prosecuting the case. The amount of publicity depends on whether you get charged by a municipality or a county.

If you are arrested for DUI in a city that does not have a court of record, then you will be charged in the county where the arrest occurred. Currently, only Oklahoma City and Tulsa have courts of record. If it’s charged in the county, the information goes public. Oklahoma has a very open system of court records. Anybody can get case information from the Oklahoma State Court Network (OSCN) at Court documents may be available for download there. Some counties even let you download the probable cause affidavit, which is essentially an abbreviated version of the police report. Needless to say, that information can get out to the public very quickly. However, any charges filed by a city, even Oklahoma City and Tulsa, are not put on OSCN.

If you are charged in a court of record, then a DUI prosecution will be shared with the state. If someone is arrested for a subsequent DUI, then the state will know that the subsequent arrest should be charged as a felony. An arrest in Tulsa or Oklahoma City does not always guarantee that your charge would be prosecuted by the city; you can still be prosecuted by the county.

Is There A Typical DUI Or DWI Client That You Tend To See More Of?

Generally, there is not a typical DUI or DWI client. I see cases varying from underage DUI arrests up to people who are approaching senior citizen level and everything in-between. With the University of Oklahoma and several other universities nearby, it’s very typical to have college-age students arrested for DUI or DWI. But in general, the type of arrests spans the entire spectrum of people that could possibly be arrested and that being equal numbers of male and female.

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