How Does The Interlock Device Work In Oklahoma After A DUI?

An interlock ignition device is something that’s installed in your vehicle that you must blow into before starting your car. If the alcohol concentration is too high, then your car will not start. With a few minor exceptions, the interlock must be installed on every vehicle you drive. Some interlocks even have a camera. It takes pictures of the people who are blowing into the device to ensure the right person is blowing into the machine.

Additionally, the driver must blow into the interlock periodically while the car is running. This is to confirm that it wasn’t just someone else who blew into it at the start and now somebody is driving drunk. The vehicle will stop operating if you either don’t blow into it or blow alcohol into it. The interlock can be installed during the revocation period if a hardship exists and you pay DPS a $175 modification fee. If you have to install an interlock after your initial period of revocation, then you have to pay $50 to get a restricted license. There is a monthly maintenance fee of at least $25.

Your interlock time begins after the mandatory period of revocation or until your driving privileges are reinstated, whichever is longer. Once you are done with the mandatory period of revocation, it does not automatically roll into “interlock time.” You have to get your driver’s license reinstated in order for the interlock time to start. Reinstating your driver’s license requires contacting DPS to find out what they require for license reinstatement. It’s usually a fee and proof of ADSAC completion. The bottom line is that you need to get your license reinstated as soon as you are done with the mandatory revocation period so you can start the clock running on the interlock time.

The key here is after a revocation. This additional interlock period relies on an actual previous revocation. An arrest will not necessarily result in a revocation.

Oklahoma does not have a hardship, occupational, or work license. However, you do have the opportunity to get the interlock device placed in the car during the revocation period.


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