Are Any Alternative Programs Available For First time DUI/DWI Offenders?

Oklahoma allows deferred sentences for DUIs. This is a good opportunity for a second chance. With a deferred sentence, the individual pleads guilty. There is not an automatic conviction. Instead, there is a probationary period with various requirements. If the individual meets those requirements and stays out of trouble, then the case will be dismissed after the probationary time. The arrest can then possibly be expunged.

For a first-time offender, a deferred sentence is usually a good deal. That can still be fought, of course. If the defendant has special circumstances such as being a CDL holder, in the military, or an immigrant, then not accepting a deferred DUI plea deal may be the best option.

Community service is generally a part of any plea deal. Therefore, I usually have my clients start doing some community service so that when the time comes to actually have to do it, then it’s already done. I also have my clients attend a Victim’s Impact Panel and complete an ADSAC.

There is also DUI Court in some counties. This is typically for people who have at least a previous DUI conviction. You cannot be convicted of any violent crimes or crimes involving firearms to be eligible for DUI Court.

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