What Is Post-Imprisonment Supervision In Oklahoma?

Post-Imprisonment SupervisionPost-imprisonment supervision in Oklahoma is mandatory supervision of people recently released from prison. The statute that covers this is 22 O.S. § 991a-21. Every sentence of imprisonment, other than life without parole, must include Department of Corrections post-imprisonment supervision.

The post-imprisonment supervision is for a period of nine months–one year following confinement of the person. It is served under conditions prescribed by the Department of Corrections. For sex offenders, post-imprisonment supervision will be not less than three years of the total term allowed by law for imprisonment. Post-imprisonment supervision is not a reason to reduce the term of confinement for a person.

If the offender fails to comply with the terms of post-imprisonment supervision, the offender may be sanctioned to serve a term of confinement of six months in an intermediate revocation facility. Regardless of the sanction authority, the state may revoke, in whole or in part, the post-imprisonment supervision, probation, or parole of a person for committing any misdemeanor or felony while under such supervision, probation, or parole

Sources: 22 O.S. § 991a-21 & 22 O.S. § 991a

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