What Is A Victim Protective Order (VPO) In Oklahoma?

A victim protective order (VPO) in Oklahoma is a civil court order that’s designed to stop violent or harassing behavior and protect a victim and victim’s family from an abuser. The civil legal protection from a VPO applies to both male and female victims. A VPO is just a court order. A victim must still take steps to protect themselves.

What A VPO Can’t Do

Victim Protective OrderThe VPO must be served on the defendant before it can be of any help. So, be sure to have an accurate address of the abuser/stalker/harasser when filling out the VPO paperwork. A VPO cannot award custody, mandate a visitation schedule, award financial assistance, award child support, or award property. However, during a VPO hearing, the judge can help facilitate an emergency agreement to stabilize children pending the filing of a divorce and facilitate an agreement for supervised visitations.

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